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Our work has five core areas. These elements overlap, and build into an integrated media strategy. They can be ‘pick ‘n’ mixed’ as required –

Think the Thinkable

And then, of course, there are All the Other Things you’d expect from media specialists for charities and not-for-profit organisations.


In the media, giving it ‘Big Licks’ – bringing lots of energy, ideas and commitment to achieve a big bag of coverage - is what we do best. We’re never happier than reviewing a fat pile of our clients’ cuttings and recordings. We’ll take your campaign, event or report and work it up into something the national media in Scotland - or UK-wide media - will want to cover. We are very experienced in doing ‘issues’, so we will never lose sight of yours. Because we’re credible and known to the Scottish national media, we’re best placed to represent your story to them. We’ll never oversell a story (that’s why they like us), but we will discover your story’s best and strongest points and energetically inject them into the media – ideas, meticulous and conscientious preparation, well-written press materials, pictures, stunts and judicious use of celebrities, come as standard. Always bespoke, always colourful - yet careful and sensitive to the needs and image of your organisation or campaign - our work will get you noticed. We are consistently friendly and fun to work with, as well as being articulate and effective communicators. And we are always fully committed to your aims - otherwise we won’t take your story on.

Talk to Richard about getting your story and your organisation some 'Big Licks' - 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email Richard@saville-ferguson.co.uk


Writing is more persuasive if it’s good. And it’s not just a question of getting the spelling and punctuation correct - well constructed, informative, and colourful sentences can light up the basic substance of your story, lifting a media release and impressing your audience. Similarly, a well-written leaflet/ briefing document/ review or advert; illuminating and engaging web copy/ mission statements/ promotional materials, etc. will enhance your organisation’s image, and communicate your messages more effectively. We are able to use language confidently and effectively. We have written a wide range of materials – including “translating” academic research into readable reports for general dissemination. When it comes to media work, we’ll keep things short where we can, but we’re definitely not afraid to take the space required to explain an idea properly.

Before the writing comes the research - it’s in nobody’s interest if the media is given duff information, so we would naturally check your assumptions, findings, and interpretation of data. We don’t do this to prove you wrong, but to ensure we’ve got everything right before we approach the media. Experience also shows that sometimes the story you’ve got is bigger and better than you currently think, or that you may just have ‘missed’ something familiar to you, but which would grab the attention of the media and the public. Let us look at your work with fresh eyes.

We will write anything you want.

Talk to Richard about WordSmith - 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email Richard@saville-ferguson.co.uk


‘StarMap’ is a bit like a dating service for charities and celebrities. We will ‘matchmake’ the right charities with the right stars. Charities need celebs because whatever the story, the media will generally respond much better if there’s a celebrity involved. This is the world in which we live. StarMap is a new idea and is being launched by us to help charities identify the perfect celeb – we will then make the approaches and build the relationships. We will also be helping celebrities to navigate the world of charities; helping them to identify - given their own particular interests or concerns - which ones would be most suitable for them to support, and making clear to the charities exactly what they are able to offer, and when.

Beyond doing the approaches and introductions (on a UK-wide basis), we can also facilitate celebrity trips to Scotland - from the basics of hotels and transport, to organising and delivering media conferences and radio tours. If you have a UK or International celebrity and you want them to visit Scotland, we can maximise their profile with the best use of time and all with minimal stress. Or perhaps ‘your’ celeb is coming to Scotland for their own reasons - a play, a tour, a launch, premiere, sporting event, etc. - we can negotiate specific, tailored media opportunities in their downtime to build up your brand.

StarMap is a unique independent service to negotiate a mutually beneficial path between two moving bodies...

Talk to Richard about StarMap on 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email Richard@saville-ferguson.co.uk


The best fundraising ideas are often blindingly simple - and usually fairly straightforward to implement. Money may not grow on trees, but the fairytale outcome should at least be explored before it’s discounted. Several big fundraising brands are based on a very simple proposition. Coming up with ideas – which can be high on creativity but low on cost - is one of our strengths. We will bring fresh thinking to your fundraising vision.

Talk to Richard about planting your own MoneyTree - 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email Richard@saville-ferguson.co.uk

Think the Thinkable

We are good at ideas – creating something out of nothing. Because we’re consultants, we come to your organisation unfettered by your everyday tasks and frames of reference, allowing us to bring fresh creativity to the task of developing your public image.

Increasing your media coverage in Scotland is achievable, but it does require a certain perspective of thought, and some key skills. In the ‘Thinking the Thinkable’ slot, we come to you, you make us coffee, we listen and then we go away. After some more coffee, back at ours, we’ll send you our thoughts and also a bill. What you get is an opportunity to reflect on your organisation’s media profile and our ideas about how to make it better. Voila, you get the groundwork of a media strategy which combines a realistic assessment of what’s possible without losing sight of what’s affordable.

We believe that organisations frequently underestimate their media potential. We bring fresh perspectives and new ideas. Subsequently, we can provide media training for your staff as required and work up the agreed programme of activity to raise your organisation’s profile. We can also advise, for example, on how a simple survey or single statistic – achieved without any great cost - might do wonders to illustrate your message to the media and the public. Having bucketloads of general background information and research won’t necessarily get you noticed, as the media is unable to operate at your level of detail. Having something to say, supported by good press materials, with a great interviewee in a photogenic context or with a striking photo opportunity – that’s how to get noticed. ‘Thinking the thinkable’ is about releasing the value of what you’ve already got and then getting it out there.

Talk to Richard about how to Thinking the Thinkable - 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email Richard@saville-ferguson.co.uk

All the other things

We can, of course, provide you with a whole host of public relations and media services – we can offer all the different elements separately or a complete package, costed appropriately. We provide assessment and advice on media strategy, interviewee technique, interview situations and preparation, etc, as well as writing media releases, briefing documents and background information. We can even write or edit your organisation’s newsletter, information materials, or blog. We believe in meticulous preparation of these materials, giving the smartest image of your organisation, and providing the media with the best and easiest route to covering your story. We also arrange press conferences and photocalls; and co-ordinate celebrity support.

Talk to Richard about all the other things - 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email Richard@saville-ferguson.co.uk


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