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We have a core set of skills and services - including everything from initial strategic advice to detailed practical execution - and can operate flexibly on a regular, semi-regular, one-off, retainer, or occasional basis; but what you need depends on where you’re starting from…

  • Are you a UK or International charity but don’t have a particular strategy for reaching the Scottish media or public? Perhaps you don’t have a Scotland-specific fund-raising strategy? Or, do you need to work out how best to use your existing celebrity contacts up in Scotland? If you need answers to these or related questions - talk to us.
  • You don’t have specific media support, and though you don’t want to hire someone full-time, (because that’s expensive and you can only ever get so many ‘hits’ per year), you would like to get media coverage when you do have something to publicise. The good news is you don’t have to waste money hiring someone full-time – just talk to us about your general aims or specific ideas – an event, a conference, a launch, a bright idea - and we’ll work out how to maximise your coverage across the Scottish media.
  • Or you might require a good deal of media support but you see the distinct advantages of having someone ‘outside’ your organisation to blow its trumpet more effectively, energetically communicate messages you might have grown used to; and identify opportunities with eyes that are always fresh and from a different perspective than those ‘in-house’.
  • Alternatively, you might already have media support/a media officer in Scotland but need a boost or more support on a particular high profile campaign, event, or launch. Saville-Ferguson can support and supplement your existing media officer or team - whether they’re based in Scotland or London. You benefit from our media contacts, our celebrity knowledge, and our ability to deliver your messages and promote your brand across the national media in Scotland on a fully flexible basis, according to your specific needs.
  • You already have a media officer/team in Scotland but a poor track record of achieving media coverage. We can re-energise your media effort and your media team. We do fresh ideas in both fundraising and policy presentation and, of course, we provide media training and can originate, develop and implement a realistic media strategy to increase your profile and meet your budget.
  • You’ve never really tried to get your work covered in the media – really? Well now’s a good time to put that right!

We love the Scottish media and want you to love it too - contact Richard Saville-Smith on 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email


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