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Saville-Ferguson is a partnership between Richard Saville-Smith and Gillian Ferguson. We both went to Edinburgh University at roughly the same time, and though we were at some of the same parties, didn’t actually meet until ten years later. Gillian has an Honours degree in Philosophy, and Richard an Honours degree in Modern History and Politics. So, obviously, we’re pretty darn brainy – no need to question our ability then, as ‘media’ people, to deal with complex issues or research…

Gillian is an established poet, author of ‘BABY’, and her most recent work is a book of poems about the Human Genome, for which she won a Creative Scotland Award. She is also a journalist, having written extensively for the top Scottish broadsheets, including as a columnist at the Scotsman and (on women’s issues) at the Herald. She also reviewed TV for Scotland on Sunday and later the Scotsman, as well as broadcasting columns on BBC Radio 4, and reviewing events in Scotland for BBC Radio 2’s arts programme. Richard has spent time working with Afghan refugees and travelling extensively in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean . He is also – rather surprisingly - a qualified Chartered Accountant, which is something he keeps in a box in the attic, except when dealing with stories involving any kind of quantitative analysis - then he’ll take on the available data and reorganise it unfailingly to your advantage, or identify hitherto unseen possibilities. In general terms, Gillian does the writing and Richard gabs a lot on the phone – 0131 346 8007 or 07909 527 629. Together they make a great team with no respect for office hours - so they are always there for you.

Talk to Richard about who we are - 0131 346 8007, 07909 527 629 or email Richard@saville-ferguson.co.uk


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